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Seven reasons why Valentine’s Day in a small town is just the worst

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By Fiona Reid
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Seven reasons why Valentine’s Day in a small town is just the worst

LOVE was in the air yesterday . . . but in a small town Valentine's Day isn't always the most romantic!

Card choice – chances are you only have one big supermarket so it’s likely you end up buying the same Valentine’s card or worse . . . notice your SO opted to buy the cheapest of the cheapest card (that you shunned in favour of the second cheapest)

Seeing double – if by some miracle you manage not to buy matching cards with your SO then chances are you and half the toon have the same card/balloon/bottle of 25 per cent off prosecco

Himmel mit Luftballons in Herzform

Restaurant – in small towns there aren’t that many restaurants. So it is pretty likely you’ll look across the crowded room and lock eyes with your primary four teacher and her husband . . . or worse a man who isn’t her husband, probably spy James from your standard grade math class too and no doubt someone who is distantly related to you, like a second cousin whose name you can’t place. Nothing says romance like a school/family reunion

Beautiful woman eating alone with wine

Buying Valentine essentials after 5 pm – pop into Tesco after 5 pm to pick up a bunch of flowers and any and everyone you encounter (which will end up being half the town) will hit you with ‘Ohh did someone forget?’

Seeing people buying Valentine essentials after 5 pm – you try and fight the urge but you just can’t help yourself and end up shouting ‘Ohh did someone forget?’

beautiful bouquet of multicolored roses

Liars beware – fancy instagramming a picture of your lovely home cooked meal that you slaved over the oven to make for bae? Beware, cause Barbara from down the street saw you picking up that lasagne in the meal deal aisle and she’ll happily out you publicly  for pulling a Mrs Doubtfire

Being single – being a known single comes with its drawbacks too. Dare to pop into the local supermarket, corner shop or off licence and buy something remotely present-giveable and Beth at the till will hit you with: ‘Ohhh is this chocolate for your boyfriend? Didn’t know YOU had a boyfriend.’ – cheers Beth, hit me when I’m down

Woman working in gorcery checkout

Small town or city, just remember it’s not where you celebrate it but who you spend it with that matters (though non matching cards are preferable!) !! xoxo


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