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Second time unlucky

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By DnG Newsdesk

MUMS in the region have admitted that second children have less spent on them and often make do with hand-me-downs.

A survey by Debenhams Dumfries, to mark the arrival of the Royal baby princess, found on average the second born has over £500 less spent on them than the first sibling.
A third (32 per cent) of second time mums admit to clothing their new baby in one or more hand-me-downs and almost half (46 per cent) say they give them toys which had been brought originally for the elder brother or sister.
Whatís more, fewer photos and home videos are also taken of a second child.
James McDonald, store manager at Debenhams Dumfries, said: ìHaving a baby at any time is a momentous experience but itís understandable that mums adopt a much more practical approach by the time the second child comes along.î

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19th Apr

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