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Searching for a solution

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By Fiona Reid
Searching for a solution

A POTHOLE filler is splitting opinion across the region. Last year Dumfries and Galloway Council agreed to trial the Viafix product in Nithsdale.

And this week it emerged it has also been used in parts of Annandale – with mixed reviews.

Moffat Community Council chairman Bob Opray believes it could be a solution, as long as it’s used correctly.

Giving an example from Moffat, he said: “They turned up with a bag of this stuff and got to work, then seemed to run out and didn’t manage to fill in the top corner, which is already starting to fill with water when it rains.

“The quality of the product is not the issue, but the quality of the craftsmanship.”

Members of Lochmaben Community Council discussed pothole filling at their meeting on Tuesday night. Commenting on a recently filled in pothole in the royal burgh, chairwoman Pam Linton was less than impressed.

She said: “The council didn’t do a very good job of it. They filled it in with this black stoney stuff and it doesn’t look fit to last.

“It’s a waste of time and money.”

Annandale North Councillor Stephen Thompson says there needs to be clarity on how the council tackles potholes.

He said: “The council are being left embarrassed and our residents left frustrated due to a lack of clear direction on how we carry out the business of repairing road defects.”

Meanwhile a report on the pilot Viafix scheme will go before councilors next month and they will decide whether or not to roll it out across the region.

Chair of DG First Committee Councillor Archie Dryburgh said:  “If officers have used Viafix in areas other than the piloted areas then there would be good reason to do so but it will be done on a risk based approach.”

He added: “With budgets being slashed by Scottish Government across Council departments we will have to look at ways to do our road repairs in a smarter, effective way.

“ Viafix is used as part of our repairs on the trunk road networks and has been agreed by Transerv Scotland as a repair method. The roads engineers will assess each road defect on a case by case basis and suggest repairs that reduce the chance of serious injury to the public.”

We’re starting a Pothole watch and we want to hear from you – send your comments, photos and stories about driving on the region’s roads to [email protected]

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