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Seagull advice call

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By Fiona Reid
Dumfries and West
Seagull advice call

ADVICE on dealing with problem seagulls is being called for ahead of the summer ‘mayhem.

South Scotland MSP Emma Harper wants Dumfries and Galloway Council to issue pre-emptive advice to residents as the breeding season gets underway.

It comes after contact from her constituents and community councils in Dumfries.

Ms Harper acknowledged the ‘real misery’ the birds cause people locally, through noise and aggressive behaviour, and noted that over 830 nesting pairs were recorded in the town in 2022, with 2662 eggs removed.

She welcomed the local authority’s commitment of £83,500 last year to remove eggs and disrupt nesting gulls and said: “Being swooped or attacked by a gull, or having a gull take up residence at your home, can be a frightening experience for adults, weans and our older population – one reported incident last year occurred when an older person was attacked by a gull in Dumfries town centre and ended up in hospital.

“Year after year, every summer, I am inundated with constituents complaining about the blight of gulls. Pre-emptive advice and support must be provided, by the council, to residents impacted by aggressive gull behaviour, particularly as we are entering breeding season.

“This advice should include how to prevent attack and what to do if someone has the misfortune of encountering an aggressive gull.

“While it is welcome that the council spent £83,500 in trying to address the higher levels of gulls we experience across Dumfries, constituents do tell me that this funding is not being backed up with public information for local residents – I therefore call on the local authority to give this advice.

“In the meantime, I would encourage people to ensure that litter is being disposed of properly, to not feed the gulls and to report any nests immediately to Dumfries and Galloway Council.”

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