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Schoolgirl cuts hair for charity

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By Ben Murray
Annan and Eskdale
Schoolgirl cuts hair for charity
AFTER. . . Daisy's hair will be donated to the Little Princess Charity

AN EASTRIGGS schoolgirl has cut off her beloved long locks and will be donating them to charity.

Daisy Jack has gone short in aid of the Little Princess Charity.

The ten-year-old’s decision to cut her hair blew away her mother Gayle, as she absolutely adored her hair.

She said: “I was taken aback when she said she wanted to cut it as short to donate it.

BEFORE. . . Daisy Jack’s hair was long and prime for cutting

“She said she’d love someone else who isn’t lucky enough to have hair to make use of hers.

“She knows of people who have done this in the past so I think that’s where she’s got the idea from.

“I really thought she’d back out and not go through with it, but she was so brave, unlike me. I cried, not only because she was cutting it all of but because I was so proud that she could be so caring and thoughtful to do such a thing so young.”

And Daisy added: “I’m just happy that someone who is poorly and has lost their hair will get the chance to get a wig and have hair again.

“I love my new hair and it will grow back eventually.”

Dumfries and West

24th May


By Ben Murray | DNG24