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School relocation in place ‘til summer’

By Euan Maxwell
School relocation in place ‘til summer’

BEATTOCK primary and nursery pupils will continue to be taught at Moffat Academy, pictured, until the summer as the school is still undergoing investigations for roof repairs.

Pupils and staff have been relocated to the nearby academy since the problem arose and Beattock and Moffat Academy Cluster headteacher Tara Woods confirmed at Moffat Community Council this week that the situation will continue until the next holidays to ensure the “stability and education for the young people concerned”.

She said the arrangement offers “a really rich educational experience”.

Mrs Woods added: “At the moment, Beattock school is awaiting a structural engineering report to establish what is actually required and at that stage the council will know what repairs are required and how long that will take. At the moment we’re unsure how long.

“To ensure stability and education for the young people concerned and for families, we will continue to have the Beattock pupils and staff here at Moffat Academy until the summer holidays.

“That means rather than going week-to-week, we can plan and offer a really rich educational experience.

“We’re using this opportunity to have everyone on one campus and give those going from primary seven to secondary school an enhanced transition where they can make new friends. Staff can also collaborate and work together on projects.

“We can actually make this difficult situation really work for all of us.”

Mrs Woods also told members that the school had got approval from the Care Inspectorate to merge the Beattock and Moffat nursery children.

She added: “Things are really settled and working really well at the moment.

“I think that’s been one of the benefits of being in a partnership already where staff already know each other.”


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