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Scam alert

By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
Scam alert

WARNINGS have been given out by police about a telephone scam after two elderly men in the region lost money.

The victims were contacted by fraudsters claiming to be from either their bank or from Police Scotland. 

Last week an 82-year-old man from Dumfries was conned out of £38,000 after a telephone caller purporting to be a police officer said there had been attempts to remove large sums from his bank account. He was advised to remove all his money from the account and hand it over to a courier.

Meanwhile, two others in the Stewartry were also duped into moving money from their account to another one provided to them by the scammer. On each occasion the caller claims there has been fraudulent activity on their account but that it may be a bank employee that is involved so not to go to the bank or the police about it. 

The first call involved a 76-year-old man, who has now lost a four figure sum of money to the criminals. 

However, the other was picked up by the bank before the victim lost out. 

Enquiries are ongoing in relation to these incidents but officers are keen to make members of the public aware of these circumstances. 

PC Tom Dingwall said: “We are highlighting this scam so that people are aware of it. If you think you are receiving any suspicious calls, just hang up on the person. Unfortunately, those committing this type of fraud are quite innovative and use words and phrases which are likely to hook their victim. Our advice is, do not give out any personal information or bank details over the phone and always, stop, think and check with a friend, relative or neighbour before taking any action.” 

Any victims of such crimes, or anyone with any concerns can contact their local police station via 101. 

For further advice for keeping safe, go to the personal safety page of our website, 

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