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Runaway cat’s happy home-coming

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By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
Runaway cat’s happy home-coming

A CURIOUS cat has been reunited with its owner - after being unwittingingly driven away from Annan to Dumfries.

Black and white moggie Django had been missing for more than a fortnight after climbing into a works van, and reappearing 17 miles away in Georgetown.
Owner Jean Stewart had made daily trips to Dumfries in a bid to find the cat, and this week said: “I’m so pleased to see him.
“I still can’t believe that he’s back home. He’s thin, but he’s fine.”
Jean had sparked a hunt for Django when a Georgetown resident posted pictures of the cat they’d found hiding in their garden shed, but which had then run off.
In addition to posters and an appeal in the pages of this newspaper last week, Jean had been back and forth looking for Django with the help of Cats Protection, and offering a £100 reward.
Georgetown couple the Forresters learned of the search, and on Tuesday evening succeeding in luring Django out of nearby woods.
Jean had experienced a lot of false hopes, with people finding other cats they thought might be Django.
She said: “A lot of people had been looking for him.”
But on Tuesday evening she was reunited with her adventurous feline.
Grateful to the Forresters, Jean said: “I gave them the money for the reward, but they’re going to give it to Cats Protection.”
With Django safely back home on Wednesday, Jean said: “He’s not going back out, I can tell you.
“I’ve not been sleeping at night, and last night I couldn’t sleep for excitement.”
And Jean is keen to tell van owners to check their vehicles before driving off for any inquisitive passengers


27th May

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