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Roof hazard fears after stormy weather

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By Abbey Morton
Roof hazard fears after stormy weather


SHOCKING images of a disintegrating roof on a Dumfries building have sparked outrage and concern in the town.
On Wednesday afternoon, pictures of loose slates atop the derelict ‘Treasure Cave’ beds and suites premises on English Street were shared on social media.
Posting on Facebook, Stephen Milward said he was working on a building opposite and warned pedestrians and motorists of the potential hazard from above.
He said: “I’ve notified the council, but wanted to put this out there as with all the storms we’ve been having the roof has gotten worse over the last couple of weeks.
“If any of those slates fall off they will land on the footpath below and I see a lot of people walking under that roof completely oblivious to the danger.
“Please walk on the other side of the road.
“It’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt by this.”
And yesterday morning, the area in front of the dilapidated store was blocked off with two-metre high fencing, and a temporary footway was created on the road.
A spokesman for Dumfries and Galloway Council said: “The council has closed the footway and road lane as the building isn’t safe.”
Calls have been made for the local authority to intervene and instigate a compulsory purchase order
Commenting online, Vivienne Wylie said: “Trees are growing at the windows. I think the whole fabric of the building will be compromised. If visitors arrive they won’t be attracted to come back.”
Mary White said: “I suspect those walking below will have no idea of the risks that they are taking. It’s about time that there was both a legal onus and viable penalties on property owners to keep them habitable and safe. Until then, the pavement should be closed off.”
And Craig Martin thought the owner could be traced and said: “The council could put an emergency repairs notice on it.
“It sold at auction a couple of years ago for £16k, so it won’t be difficult to identify them via the land registry.”


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