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Roger halts NHS medals campaign

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By Fiona Reid
Roger halts NHS medals campaign

A CAMPAIGNER who was hoping to secure medals for all NHS staff working on the covid frontline has dropped his petition.

Last week Roger Windsor, of Dumfries, called on the public to support his bid to get recognition for healthcare staff and he launched an online petition to gather signatories. However, yesterday he did a U-turn after hearing from a respiratory physiotherapist friend, who declined her support.

Explaining, Mr Windsor MBE said: “I owe you all an apology for wasting your time with the medals campaign. “My motives were worthy, but I should have done more homework before setting off the hare!”

And he shared his friend’s words to explain more. She said: “Every NHS worker puts themselves at risk daily from resistant TB, HIV, MERS + SARS, to mention a few. “Yes every life lost is a tragedy, but the number of deaths in frontline NHS workers is approx 200 out of 28,000 and there are nearly as many London Transport workers who have died. How can you ever prove that NHS staff caught it at work? The other 27,500 people haven’t.

“I think the cost of medals would be more wisely spent on a country that will be crippled. NHS staff are lucky that they are getting a wage.

“When the NHS turned 70 last year every NHS worker got a badge. We can’t wear badges at work and who wants to wear on your personal clothes. Most got thrown in the bin and everyone said what a waste of money.

“The topic of the medals has been in conversations at work and most staff seem to feel the same. Most of us also want the clap for carers to stop now. It was a nice gesture but the mood of the country can and will quickly change.”

Mr Windsor added: “In view of my findings I took down my petition. “I am writing this letter to thank all those who have supported me and to apologise. I am sorry to have wasted your time!”

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