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Robbery victim amazed at fundraising effort

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By Thomas Hanley
Dumfries and West
Robbery victim amazed at fundraising effort

A MAN is raising money for an elderly stranger from Dumfries who was robbed of £800 in broad daylight.

Macaulay Moodycliffe, 24, was moved to begin a crowdfunding effort for 89-year-old Lachlan Thomson after hearing of the robbery that took place on Queensberry Street last week.
He said: “It maybe seems a bit crazy to try and crowdfund for a man I’ve never met, but unfortunately elderly members of the community are in a vulnerable position and need our support.”
The sales consultant added: “I think it’s important to assure people like Lachlan that although a bad thing has happened to him in the town, there are plenty of good people within the community who are willing to support him.”
Although Macaulay only set up the Just Giving page on Wednesday evening, it has already captured townsfolk’s imaginations and by yesterday he was halfway to the £800 target.
Amazed at the response, he said: “It seems to have taken off. Hopefully we hit the target and can get Lachlan his money back. It’s been amazing how quickly everyone’s pulled together for a good cause. A kind gesture from everyone involved.”
The robbery happened last Thursday morning after Mr Thomson had withdrawn money from the bank. He was reading the newspaper in his Ford Mondeo on Queensberry Street, waiting for his wife Doris who was in a nearby hairdressers, when the female thief struck.
She is described as being in her early to mid 20s with dark hair and was wearing a floral dress and spoke with a foreign accent, possibly Spanish.
Speaking about the incident, Mr Thomson said: “It was pre-planned. She must have watched me take my money out of the bank.
“She was quite forward. She knocked on my window and when I rolled it down she asked if I could help her as she was lost. She got in and opened up a big map and that’s when she must have stolen the money.”
And reacting to the crowdfunding, he yesterday said: “I’m really moved. It was a despicable thing that happened, but this really brings back your faith in people.”
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24th May

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