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Road layout concerns up for discussion

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By Fiona Reid
Dumfries and West

A SHAKE-UP to road layouts due to Dumfries’ new hospital has sparked concerns over a western approach to the town.

Motorists approaching from Dalbeattie Road would now automatically be taken down Park Lane – with fears that the narrow street often crowded with cars will now be seen as the preferred route into the town.
Voicing his concerns, Councillor Tom McAughtrie said: “Instead of coming along Park Road and then having to stop and access Dalbeattie Road, you’ll come up Dalbeattie Road, it turns into Park Road, and then you have to turn off into Dalbeattie Road.
“Now all the buses coming in from the west come into town via Dalbeattie Road, so that means they’re going to have quite a sharp turn there.
“It’s the same with heavy goods vehicles that are going down Dalbeattie Road to service businesses in that area, etc.”
He added: “The concern at Park Road is that there is a dog leg about halfway along where you leave the rather straight part of the road which has no houses either side, and the road actually narrows and of course there’s cars parked at the side because there’s no offstreet parking.”
“Luckily there haven’t been any major accidents in recent years, but if it’s being used by people who are casual visitors…”
Other changes were set to be considered at last week’s economy, environment and infrastructure committee were the introduction of three-way traffic lights at the junction of Pleasance Avenue and New Abbey Road.
However, Councillor McAughtrie successfully lobbied for the issue to be deferred to allow the community to discuss the proposals.
Dumfries and Galloway Council say discussions will take place with the local elected members and Troqueer Landward Community Council.
Noting planning permission for the Dalbeattie Road/Park Road junction was granted in May 2013, subject to conditions, and funding secured from the NHS and with council financial contributions, a spokesman said: “The proposed change in priority reflects the current and predicted traffic flows at this junction, where the major flow through the junction is between the west arm of Dalbeattie Road and Park Road.”

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