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Residents report dog attacks in Moffat

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By Christie Breen
Residents report dog attacks in Moffat

REPORTS of a husky-type dog being aggressive towards other dogs and their owners have been circulating in Moffat.

In the past week there were two alleged incidents where small dogs were set upon by the larger dog, which was off its lead.

One pet owner took to social media to share what happened while she and her family were visiting the town. She wrote: “We were visiting Moffat and a large husky type dog, which was unrestrained and unsupervised outside the hardware shop in Well Street, attacked my Westie pup.

“It was wearing a cloth muzzle otherwise I think my pup would have been hurt or even killed. It was extremely aggressive and dangerous. We were nowhere near it and did not approach it at all. It ran about 20-30 feet across the road to get my dog. We had two children with us who were terrified. The owner appeared and restrained his dog eventually.

“It was terrifying and I dread to think what this dog would do to a child if it felt like it.”

It is believed that the same animal attacked and bit another small dog on Friday, which had to be taken to the vets after it was injured.

Annandale North Councillor Lynne Davis has confirmed that the incidents involving the rogue dog are being investigated. She said:

“Over the past weeks I have received numerous reports from worried residents about a number of dog attacks in Moffat by this dog.

“There have been at least five dogs attacked and some have been injured.

“After receiving these reports I duly reported this to both Police Scotland and DG Council. Police Scotland have advised that they would only intervene if a person was attacked. I can advise that at present animal welfare officers within the council’s trading standards department are investigating the case, but due to legal reasons the council cannot comment further.

“If anyone has any concerns then I would urge them to report these concerns to the relevant authorities.”


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