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Region’s web access is worst in Scotland, study claims

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By Euan Maxwell
Region’s web access is worst in Scotland, study claims

DUMFRIES and Galloway is the worst region in Scotland for internet access, according to a new study.

Using new data from the Office of National Statistics and OfCom, marketing company N.Rich looked at how many people across the UK have been online in the past three months and the number of properties with access to superfast broadband.

After collating results, Dumfries and Galloway ranked as the worst area for digital access in Scotland — and the fourth worst in the UK.

It was revealed that more than 20 per cent of people in the region had not used the internet at all in the past three months, if ever. This is nearly triple the national average of people who had not been on the web in that timeframe.

Furthermore, the research found that one in six premises in Dumfries and Galloway do not currently have access to superfast broadband. In contrast, Bexley and Greenwich, which was named as the UK’s most connected place, has this installed in 98 per cent of its properties.

A spokesperson for N.Rich said: “When you compare the internet use of UK residents with their ability to access fast broadband, it paints a clear picture of the digital divide and where it hits hardest.

“As the internet is now our core means of communication, from educating our children, to accessing work and running businesses, it’s more important than ever to ensure that every part of the UK has  good digital access.”


12th Jul

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