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Region’s speed camera tally revealed

By Ben Murray
Region’s speed camera tally revealed

NEW data has revealed there are 25 speed cameras operational in Dumfries and Galloway.

Road safety campaigners Road Angel secured the information through a Freedom of Information request to Police Scotland.

The force disclosed the location of each of the 518 fixed and mobile speed cameras north of the border.

And it emerged there are 25 in Dumfries and Galloway.

Gary Digva, founder of Road Angel, said: “Speed cameras play a useful role in keeping Britain’s roads safe and it’s interesting to see how they are being deployed in Scotland.

“Our Freedom of Information request revealed that not only are there a high number of speed cameras in the cities and large towns, but also that the police in Scotland are committed to the use of mobile speed cameras even on some of the most remote roads in the Highlands.

“We strongly advise all motorists across Scotland, be they native Scots or those visiting the country from other parts of the UK, to be mindful of their speed and to not exceed the legal limit.

“It can be tempting to put your foot down on open country roads but drivers should remember that a mobile speed camera may be waiting for them around the next bend.

“If they are photographed driving above the legal limit they risk a hefty fine and points on their driving licence.”

For more information about both fixed and mobile speed cameras across Scotland please visit


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