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Region’s birdkeepers will have to register

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By Fiona Reid
Region’s birdkeepers will have to register

A NEW mandatory requirement will come into force in September for all birdkeepers to register their flocks, whether large or small.

It follows a long-running campaign effort, driven by the continued threat of avian influenza to Scottish poultry.

Currently only flocks of more than 50 birds are required to be registered, but from September 1 everyone, even if they only have one bird outdoors, will need to register.

NFU Scotland’s poultry working group chair Robert Thompson, said:

“The new register will be online and will be simple for all keepers, including those with commercial poultry flocks, to keep records up to date.

By registering, owners will receive crucial updates and guidance for bird care, including any disease alerts and depending on the threat from Avian Influenza, potentially housing orders.”

“Having accurate records of where all poultry are kept will simplify surveillance in disease control zones, helping eradication, reducing the labour needed to demonstrate disease freedom and allow affected areas to be lifted more quickly out of any restrictions.”


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