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Region sees rise in NHS bullying

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By Zac Hannay
Region sees rise in NHS bullying

BULLYING cases in NHS Dumfries and Galloway have risen by 43 per cent in the last five years.

The number of cases reported has gone up from three to ten.

The increase was revealed through a Freedom of Information request by the Scottish Conservatives.

And Finlay Carson, MSP for Galloway and West Dumfries has urged the local health board to provide greater help to staff.

He said: “The number of cases in NHS Dumfries and Galloway has trebled in the last five years from three to ten and this simply cannot be tolerated.

“Bullying of any kind should not be allowed and it is the last thing our health workers need to put up with.”

Responding to the increase, a spokesperson for NHS Dumfries and Galloway said: “Any report or suspicion around bullying is taken very seriously by NHS Dumfries and Galloway.

“Staff welfare and wellbeing is of paramount importance, and everyone working within NHS Dumfries and Galloway should be assured that any and all concerns around bullying will be dealt with in a professional and supportive manner.”