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Region rocked by minor ‘quake

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By Euan Maxwell

A 2.0 magnitude earthquake was recorded in region last weekend.

Locals in Dumfries, Kirkpatrick Durham, Thornhill, Dunscore, Lochmaben, Southwick, Kirkgunzeon and New Galloway reported feeling the light tremor on Saturday afternoon just before 1 pm, the British Geological Survey (BGS) has said.

In response to a probe into the incident by BGS, people in the area at the time said they felt “weak shaking” and a “low rumbling”.

The quake was triggered by an event which occurred 11 kilometres below the earth’s surface, causing a shake with an intensity measuring three on the European Macroseismic Scale, categorised as ‘weak and is felt indoors by a few people’.

Kit Morris said in Haugh of Urr she felt a “loud rumbling which was enough to tip over my large plastic garden tool container.”

Jan Carnochan from Lockerbie added: “I never felt or heard anything but I’ve seen lots of posts saying people had.”

At its reported epicentre north-west of Dumfries in the hamlet of Drumpark, Iain Mitchell said: “I’d heard it happened, but apart from the birds who let off a great cackle suddenly, we weren’t aware of the tremor.”

Taking to social media to make light of the event, Andy May wrote: “Everything in Scotland starts to shake when the pubs are closed!”

Another user added: “Hopefully none of the better distilleries were affected.”


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