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Region has one of lowest UK internet uses

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By Amy Duffy
Region has one of lowest UK internet uses
DUMFRIES and Galloway is the fourth least internet-connected region across the UK.
The research carried out by convertr.org analysed regional ONS data to determine which UK regions use the internet the least, with Southern Scotland having 88.7 per cent of people using internet in the last three months.
It is one of two Scottish regions featured in the bottom ten, with the Highlands coming in seventh place.
D&G saw numbers as low as 79.1 per cent and it was discovered that more than 20 per cent of residents had not used the internet for the previous three months.
A spokesperson for Convertr.org said: “With the majority of all regions browsing the web daily, certain people still go months without using it, and it’s clear there is a stark contrast in the quality of broadband in the UK.
“The government spending billions on superfast speeds shows that there is an incentive to connect the UK through the internet, and it will be interesting to see how these statistics change throughout the 2020s.”
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