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Region boasts UK’s lowest carbon levels

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By Euan Maxwell
Region boasts UK’s lowest carbon levels

THE REGION’S carbon levels have dropped to the lowest in the UK.

New data published by the National Grid reveals that South Scotland’s carbon intensity levels hit a record low last month for the first time this year.

June saw the average carbon intensity of electricity supplied to the region fall to 29g/kWh – down significantly from 59g/kWh January.

The new data is in stark contrast to figures for 2019, when a Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) report concluded Dumfries and Galloway was having the greatest carbon impact on the environment per person than any other region in Scotland.

And it signifies a major forward step in achieving the council’s set target of zero net carbon emissions by 2025.

Commenting, Duncan Burt, COP26 director at National Grid, said: “It is incredibly encouraging to see the low carbon intensity levels in South Scotland last month. It means the region was powered by green and clean energy. More of the electricity in Great Britain’s energy system is coming from zero carbon sources and there are transformational changes taking place in the energy sector as we further move towards a clean energy future.

“It’s useful for people to better understand energy consumption with tools like the Green Light Signal as there are benefits to being smarter about when we use electricity. Just by making small changes and using electricity when the carbon intensity is low, collectively we can make a real and significant impact in the fight against climate change.”


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