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Refurb plan for historic well

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By Euan Maxwell
Refurb plan for historic well
NOW . . . Moffat Well pictured recently

MOFFAT Community Council has set out plans to have a local historic mineral well refurbished.

Known as the Moffat Well, situated one mile north of the town at Archbank Farm, the sulphurous water source can be traced back to 1633 when it was discovered by Rachel Whyteford, eventually leading to Moffat’s rejuvenation as a spa town.

However, having not been refurbished since the 1990s, community council chairman Leys Geddes said it’s now “in a poor state of repair”.

And he estimated that restoring it to its former glory would cost just over £1000, adding that a windfarm grant is being sought from the Kilgallioch Community Benefit Company (KCBC) to fund the work.

Furthermore, Mr Geddes reported that Archbank Farm’s owner has agreed to help cover the costs.

Although now not easily accessible due to boggy terrain, access to the well was improved by a Dr Hunter from 1758, beginning a source of development that lasted up to the 1920s, including the construction of the well house that can still be seen today.

THEN . . . a print of the Moffat Well from 1795

Locals who made the trip were offered a service whereby they’d pay for their first glass of water, and drink subsequent glasses free of charge.

In 1827, water from the well was piped directly to Moffat for the first time as the Baths Hall – now the town hall – was built, allowing people to cleanse, bathe and hydrate without having to embark on a one-and-a-half kilometre jaunt to the source in the Moffat Hills.

Fifty years later saw the construction of the Moffat Hydropathic Hotel.

Although destroyed by a fire which broke out in 1921, the 300-room complex gained renown for its grand furnishings and lavish surroundings.

Mr Geddes said if the community council’s grant bid is successful then funding would be allocated in the autumn.


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