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Red roses explained

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By Ben Murray
Red roses explained

VALENTINES Day is fast approaching and sales of red roses are set to soar.

But why is the flower so synonymous with February 14?

And why do people give the flowers as gifts, and why are red roses specifically the flower of choice?

One reason may be linked to ancient mythology: the creation of the red rose in Greek myth occurred when the Goddess of love Aphrodite was scratched by the thorn of a white rose, her blood turning it red. But is there more to it?

Annan florist Joan Carter has more than a few answers. Recently shortlisted for a national floristry award, her shop Flowers by Joan specialises in weddings and she knows all about the love language of flowers.

Joan told us: “The red rose’s connection Valentine’s Day in the UK harkens back to the 19th century, when Victorians used floral bouquets to deliver a message to love interests.

“This system is called ‘floriography’ and officially solidified the red rose’s romantic status.”

But she also revealed that different colours of roses each have different meanings: “Red symbolises romance and passion, and was even mentioned in a Robert Burns poem. Pink means sweetness and tenderness; white means innocence and purity; orange translates to admiration and excitement; and yellow relates to friendship, warmth and joy.”


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