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Questions raised as transfer of township assets agreed

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By Lisa Barbour
Annan and Eskdale

AN ANNANDALE community council has transferred its assets to another community group in the event it is not reformed at October’s elections.

Five members of Eastriggs, Dornock and Creca Community Council voted to move items such as the Commonwealth flags, flag poles and notice boards to the care of the Moorside NucleUS SCIO, which is driving forward plans for a new community building in the township, with one abstention.
Chairman Wullie Findlay, who has intimated he will not stand at the elections, said: “I
propose we take assets away from the community council and put them in a safe place,
like the Moorside NucleUS SCIO, as if a new community council isn’t formed it will go into hibernation for six months until the next election, and if it doesn’t resurrect after four years Dumfries and Galloway Council can sell off all assets at their own discretion.”
And Mr Findlay also gained a majority vote for his proposal to transfer the Minsca community windfarm grant, which is worth around £2000 each year, to the care of the Moorside group.
He said: “If we don’t raise another community council then nobody gets access to this money, which would be a crying shame as it does help other groups.
“If the community council folds nobody will get access to this money which would be a disaster to the community.
“I’m trying to safeguard the funds and assets for the community – it’s not being devious but safeguarding them for future generations.”
But Annandale South councillor Sean Marshall, who is the returning officer for the elections, played devil’s advocate at Monday’s meeting as he questioned Mr Findlay’s motive.
He said: “You’ve intimated you’re going to resign and I know you want to safeguard this money but people could say you are leaving but are taking all the responsibility from the community council on the basis they are not going to get five people in the elections.
“You could transfer the assets on the basis that a new community council is not formed and if it is then they will take the decision whether to leave the funds or take them back.”
■ AN APPEAL has been issued for residents in Eastriggs, Dornock and Creca to represent community views by standing as a community councillor.
Elections take place across the region this October and anyone aged 16 years or over, living in the community council area and registered to vote in local government elections can be nominated.
Anyone wishing to obtain an application form should contact Councillor Marshall on 01461 40130 or e-mail [email protected]

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