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Queens announcer hangs up the mic!

By Euan Maxwell
Queens announcer hangs up the mic!

IT’S the end of an era after a long serving Queen of the South announcer called it a day.

Alex Wilson has been the voice of Palmerston Park for 30 years but after the Doonhamers’ 1-0 victory over Falkirk he made the shock news that was his last match behind the mic.

He said: “All things come to an end. After 30 years of extreme highs and extreme lows it’s time to hang up the announcer’s microphone at Palmerston.

“Nothing to do with any pressure on my style of humour over the year, it’s just that I have more pressing musical engagements to fulfil in the future.

“Hopefully, I’ll still be able to attend home matches.

“It was nice to sign off with a victory and what I thought was a humorous jibe at diving cheats, too prevalent in the Scottish game. Up the Queens!”

Hundreds of Queens fans thanked Alex for his contribution and voluntary service for the last three decades and wished him well for the future.


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By Zac Hannay | DNG24