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Puppy power as donations roll in for poorly Dumfries Blue

By Fiona Reid
Dumfries and West
Puppy power as donations roll in for poorly Dumfries Blue

A CAMPAIGN has been started to raise £8000 for lifesaving open heart surgery . . .for a poorly puppy.

Blue the French Bulldog is the pride of DeElegance beauty salon on Terregles Street, Dumfries, which belongs to her owner Carla Morrison.

The one-year-old pup is a salon regular and a favourite with staff and customers alike, who are now rallying round to help treat her life threatening heart condition.

Carla said: “We knew Blue was ill when we got her. My brother and his girlfriend have Blue’s brother and the breeder contacted them to see if they could take her as no one wanted her because of her condition.

“They couldn’t so we decided as a family that I would take her and everyone could help with vet bills if she were to need any treatment as we couldn’t get insurance.”

She added: “At first we were told she just had a severe heart murmur and there was a chance she could grow out of it, but when we got a heart specialist to look at her we found out that actually it was a whole lot worse and she would need surgery or she was at high risk of something fatal happening.

“The vet at the Edinburgh School of Veterinary told us it was one of the worst cases he had ever seen.”

Suffering from pulmonic stenosis due to valvular dysplasia, Blue, who has already undergone one costly operation, now needs open heart surgery costing £8000.

And Carla’s colleagues at DeElegance have rallied and set up a JustGiving page in Blue’s honour.

Carla said: “I’m so hopeful that we will raise the money, even some of it would be a great help as I used everything I had and some of my mum’s savings for her surgery the first time round.

“I was panicking after the vet told me she would need further surgery because she isn’t insuredIjust had no idea howIwould get the money – just leaving her the way she is isn’t an option.”

Stunned at the support so far, Carla added: “Blue is my baby and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. She’s with me 24/7 as I take her to the salon with me everyday. It just wouldn’t be the same not having her, she’s my whole life.

“I honestly don’t know what I’d do without all of the help everyone has given me.

“I can’t thank people enough. I keep saying it but it really is so overwhelming.”

A Facebook page, Blue’s Broken Heart, details the planned fundraisers, including a fun day on April 2, as well as a ‘Dress up your Doggy’ competition, charity waxes, beard dyes, raffles and auctions.

Meanwhile, the salon are accepting donations of old clothes, shoes and books to turn into cash and Barry Brock has also offered a whole day of cleaning carpets to raise cash for Blue’s surgery.

To donate visit nding/megan-halliday

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