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Prankster puts spotlight on pothole

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By Ben Murray
Annan and Eskdale
Prankster puts spotlight on pothole

AS residents of Springfield cry out for pothole repairs, one person has taken it into their own hands to send a message to the council.

Yesterday morning villagers woke up to find a new sign had been stationed beside a nasty pothole just after Bensmoor Road , declaring ‘Men not at work’.

The route – which is a single-track road along from Springfield Primary School – is frequently used by lorries travelling through to Gretna Substation. Over time, large craters have occurred on either side.

The sign was soon attracting attention and discussion as locals tried to work out who was behind the stunt.

WHO COULD IT BE NOW? . . . with construction vehicles running up and down the road, the pothole is becoming more of an issue than ever

Isabell Tranter, chairperson of the Springfield and Gretna Green Community Council, said: “We don’t know who decided to put the sign up beside the pothole.”

But she added: “The pothole has been a source of trouble for Springfield for years, now more than ever with lorries filled with heavy construction equipment travelling up and down the damaged road every day.

“Despite attempts to rectify this issue, it is never permanent. The pothole is repaired, water floods either side of the road, freezes during the winter, and destroys the tar to cause problems once again.

“While potholes are always an issue, that particular pothole is brought up in almost every community council meeting we hold.

“To put it bluntly, it isn’t an ideal situation.”

Dumfries and Galloway Council were contacted for comment.

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