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Praise after trapped dog rescue

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By Euan Maxwell
Praise after trapped dog rescue
HAPPY HOLIDAYS . . . Lindsey’s son Jayden, 13, and daughter Kailyn, ten, with spaniel Copper while in Moffat

A WOMAN whose dog became trapped in her car while on a family holiday in Moffat has thanked the “local strangers” who came to the rescue.

Panic washed over Lindsey McCall as she realised that her five year-old Spaniel, Copper, had become locked inside her vehicle on Sunday.

Lindsey, who is from Glasgow and was on a staycation at the time of the incident, said: “He doesn’t ever get left in the car, we were headed to Sandyhills beach and stopped off at the Co-op for some water.

“It was then I noticed I’d left his cooling mat on the back seat. I got out to put his cool mat in with him and went to open my boot, which was locked.

“I accidentally hit the central locking button to open it but hit it on the wrong side and shut my door — to realise I’d locked my car with the keys still in the ignition.”

She said that “every minute felt like a lifetime” as she looked on in horror at Copper in full knowledge that dog owners are strictly advised to never leave pets in cars on warm days.

With this in mind, Lindsey admits she was “genuinely getting close” to smashing a window to free the poor pup.

But she prised the “quick thinking and actions” of local folk who helped to ensure that extreme course of action was not necessary to free the pooch.

Officers at the town’s police station pointed Lindsey in the direction of Donaldson J & W blacksmiths, where staff immediately agreed to come to the dog’s aid.

She continued: “To the man in the garage who dropped everything to help us, thank you.

“To the man in the works van who Googled how to get into my car and providing a rod to hit the central locking button, thank you.

“And, finally, to the woman who works with animals who advised us on how to cool our dog down quickly and safely, thank you.

“You are all truly heroes in our eyes, I am thanking my lucky stars that you all crossed my path.

“We would’ve absolutely had to have smashed the window if it hadn’t been for these amazing folk and their quick thinking guiding us.”

Lindsey said that, as a broken car window would have cut the break short, the helpful locals also saved the family’s staycation, adding: “We were so very lucky they were around that day”.

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