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Pothole watch

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By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
Pothole watch

MORE tales of pothole woe have been flooding in from readers across Annandale.

Rachel Patterson sent us a photo of a crater, above, at the bottom of Margaret Drive in Lockerbie that she claims is responsible for destroying her tyre.
Rachel said: “The pothole is as deep as a 500ml bottle. It has been filled in since four people I know of – and there may be more – burst tyres or buckled wheels on it. The hole was filled terribly and people still swerve to avoid it.”
She added: “The whole scheme in Lockerbie is destroyed with massive and small potholes.
“I’ve destroyed my car’s suspension just simply driving home and to work.”
Rachel highlighted ‘a huge pothole’ on the main road up to Broomhouse Road and said because of car parking it is very difficult to avoid.
And she said: “People also go on the wrong side of the road down the Broomhouse Road hill as the holes all the way around the corner are so bad people don’t want to ruin their cars by driving on it or too close to the kerb.
“I’m very surprised there hasn’t been an accident, there has been a few near misses. It has been that way for about a year and half.”
Fiona Sewell, of Millhousebridge, described the road between her village and Lochmaben as a ‘joke’.
She said: “It is full of potholes and it is like driving in and out and around them. I have damaged my car tyre and a back shocker.
“I want to claim for the damage to my car, I need it for my work. I hope to get some satisfaction and if not, I am taking this further.”
Jo Jefferson Smith, from Waterbeck, sent in a video of her bumpy drive to school on the local roads and said: “It has more or less killed my little car.”
Gair resident Karen Walker-Jones said: “It’s ridiculous the state of the roads.”
And she blamed a lot of the problems in her area from work done for a nearby windfarm, adding: “All the council have done is make the roads worse with more potholes and really more dangerous with the cones they have put down after putting the awful surface down for the windfarm.”
Martin from Annan got in touch via our website, He said: “There are numerous potholes around the seam of the road on Standalane between Shawhill Road and Winterhope Road, with some of the worst around the fire station.
“Contractors were in attendance a couple of weeks ago to chuck a handful of asphalt in the holes, but surprise surprise less than two weeks later the holes have reappeared.”

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