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Pothole priority puzzle

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By Christie Breen
Dumfries and West
Pothole priority puzzle

RESIDENTS on Barnett Road in Dumfries are in disbelief after council officers dubbed the road’s potholes ‘not of a high enough priority’.

It followed a number of complaints from people living in and around Barnett Road, and residents travelling on the A710 New Abbey road between Dumfries and Dalbeattie.

Residents in both areas have been periodically reporting the potholes, which have caused damage to vehicles and incurred high cost of repairs.

After a lack of action from the local authority, they sought the help of South Scotland SNP MSP Emma Harper.

She wrote to Dumfries and Galloway Council on two occasions to request that they take urgent action to address the ‘numerous and serious’ potholes in these areas.

However, residents and Ms Harper have been left in utter disbelief to learn that officials inspected Barnett Road on January 30 and April 10 and decided the potholes were not of a high enough priority to warrant priority action, and that the local authority are ‘unable to provide a specific timescale for repairs’.

Furthermore, with regards the A710 road from Dumfries to Dalbeattie, they have also stated that ‘a timescale for repairs is unable to be provided’.

Commenting, Emma Harper said: “I’ve had a huge increase in the number of constituents contacting me regarding the pothole catastrophe in our region. While I know that the staff on the ground are working hard to address potholes, there is a lack of a coordinated approach and direct communication from the council.

“Quite frankly, constituents are reporting potholes every day and are not witnessing action to address them. Constituents pay council tax and expect that the roads are properly maintained, which includes prioritising pothole repairs.

“I therefore agree with local residents that the response I have received from DG Council is unacceptable and bizarre to say the least. The potholes on Barnett Road, and indeed the potholes on the New Abbey Road, are not insignificant. It is impossible to drive without either driving into a pothole or swerving to avoid one.”


14th Jun

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