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Pothole petition borne out of frustration

By Newsdesk
Pothole petition borne out of frustration

A PETITION has been started calling on Dumfries and Galloway to urgently fix more of the region’s potholes.

The “Save Cars, Fix the Potholes” has been posted on the campaign website by Lorna Green, who lives in Annandale.

She is fed up of damage to her car and believes the local authority needs to do more.

Explaining her petition, Lorna said: “The roads in Dumfries and Galloway are dangerous and costing people a fortune replacing tyres, springs and shock absorbers, never mind the people who are crashing their vehicles.

“Nothing is getting done to repair the holes reported. They are supposed to be marked or repaired in 28 days.

“The hole that claimed my first tyre nearly two months ago is still the same.”

She added: “We have a duty to keep our cars roadworthy but the roads are not fit for our cars.

“Dumfries and Galloway has the worst roads in Scotland. It won’t be long until someone loses their life.”

And she also blasted the council for “wasting money on 20mph speed limits than fixing the inconvenience on the roads”.

Frustrated Lorna hopes her petition will prompt more action and she has urged others who share her concerns to sign it, via

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