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Porcupine pair’s big day out!

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By Euan Maxwell
Dumfries and West
Porcupine pair’s big day out!

TWO porcupines were found wandering around a Dumfries street this week, leaving residents puzzled to where they’d come from.

It then emerged that the duo had managed to break the door of their enclosure at Dalscone Farm before making their way to Heathhall, which is about a mile away.

A Heathhall resident called the farm to report the porcupines were wandering through his back yard. And Dalscone personnel were able to wrangle the animals into a trailer for transport back to the facility.

Dalscone owner Ben Best said: “We did break the internet around Dumfries. These guys were moved to our small animal experience earlier. They were investigating their new area, testing out its capabilities.”


12th Apr

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