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Pop up helps tackle plastic use

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By Ben Murray
Annan and Eskdale
Pop up helps tackle plastic use
OPEN TO IDEAS. . . Our Wee Refill Station includes products such as fabric conditioner, washing-up liquid and hand soaps

A REFILL station has been set up in the Our Wee Pop-Up Shop in Annan to help cut plastic waste.

The idea is thought to be the first of its kind in the town and was had by Heather Kirk, one of three who run the store. It came about after her children told her about the various ways their school was teaching about recycling.

Inspired by the idea, the Pop-Up Shop now contains several plastic containers filled with a variety of different liquids such as hand washes, laundry detergent and washing-up liquid.

Heather said: “We’ve brought some plastic containers from Miniml, since their company is vegan and has no plastic waste which is what we’re trying to help with.

“Customers can bring their own jars or pots to the shop and fill them with anything from the refill stations, even something as small as an egg cup. They only have to pay for however much they filled up.

“With schools across the country teaching children about plastic waste, the idea inspired me to introduce the refill station.

“We’re open to any ideas for what other liquids customers would like to have in stock, and if the idea takes off it can be expanded upon even more.”

Annan and Eskdale

12th Apr

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