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Police question problem parker flyers

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By Fiona Reid
Dumfries and West
Police question problem parker flyers

A RESIDENT of a town centre street has hit back at problem parkers - placing flyers on the windshields of cars exceeding a two-hour limit.

But although the flyers appearing in Gordon Street and adjoining streets say all cars are being logged, and to direct enquiries to a local Inspector, police say they had no knowledge of the person’s actions.
A Police Scotland spokesman said: “That was being put on cars as if that’s from the police \_ and it’s not.
“Somebody has done that and it’s not a police message, at the end of the day. They’ve taken it upon themselves to use the inspector’s name.”
He added: “It was only brought to his attention at the end of last week when a man said he’d had a flyer put on his car by the police.”
Claims have been made of ‘altercations’ over the issue, with officers accused of ‘turning a blind eye’.
However, police note that no traffic wardens are in place to enforce the two-hour restriction.
And they say parking enforcement is not a policing priority unless there is a danger to other road users or an immediate problem.
They also note Dumfries and Galloway Council have not taken over responsibility for parking enforcement from police, unlike other local authorities in Scotland.
However, after complaints from drivers, finding flyers taped to the windows of their vehicles, police say they have identified the person responsible and are now in dialogue to reach a resolution.
But confirming a parking issue in Gordon Street, one resident -who did not wish to be identified- said: “People do park here all day and go to work.
“I don’t move my car, but if one of our neighbours goes somewhere the chances are that when they come back and they might find they have to park three blocks away, because all the spaces have been taken.”
Armed with a permit allowing them to park all day, the resident added: “When there were was a traffic warden people were fairly conscientious about doing the two-hour disk parking thing, but now that they’ve gone people are just parking here all the time.”


25th May

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By Fiona Reid | DNG24