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Police probe lorry tampering

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By Fiona Reid
Police probe lorry tampering

LORRIES were targeted, entered and some damaged at two sites in Annandale overnight on Tuesday.

Two lorries had the curtains on their trailers slashed while parked at Annandale Services, Johnstonebridge. However, police say it would appear that nothing was removed from them.

It happened some time between 9 pm and 5.30 am.

The same night, between 10 pm and 3.30 am, the driver of an HGV parked at Gretna Services reported that he had found the rear doors of his vehicle had been opened whilst he was sleeping in his cab.

Sgt Scott McDowall said: “This would have been done manually rather than the doors falling open in any way.

“He is unsure at this stage if anything has been taken from the trailer.”

It was then discovered that three further HGVs had been violated at Gretna, with their curtain sides slashed by some form of sharp implement.

Sgt McDowall added: “Although it is unconfirmed, it is thought that nothing was removed at this time from any of the vehicles. The same timescales apply.

“Investigation has commenced locally into these incidents, however it would also appear that further similar crimes have taken place outwith Dumfries and Galloway overnight.”

  • Pictured above: PC John Cowan at Annandale Water Services


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