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Place plan for Lockerbie fails to find support

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By Fiona Reid
Lockerbie and Lochmaben
Place plan for Lockerbie fails to find support

SCEPTICISM greeted the idea of creating a Place Plan to plot the future of Lockerbie.

The project, which is just getting going, led by Dumfries and Galloway Council officials, was reported to Lockerbie Community Council last week – but met with a lukewarm response.

Member Doreen Jenkins had attended the inaugural meeting on the Place Plan at the ice rink and explained it was full of representatives from different groups in the town.

She said: “There’s another meeting in August. They want to prioritise different needs in the community.

“These things start with great gusto then drop off.”

Fellow members were not convinced and Ian McLatchie questioned what it would be for, saying: “What is the point of it?

“It’s complete and utter rubbish.

“We spend days, weeks, months, years to get a place plan and for what? Let’s make another plan.”

Chairwoman Jan Andrews wanted more information on the proposal and said: “Who will run the projects and who pays for it?

“I would not like it to be a talking shop and nothing happens.

“We all know the town centre in Lockerbie could do with a facelift, but we have been here and done this before. We paid £10k for a consultant to come in and do this, we had a consultation evening with the community and it had a great attendance. We got an action plan and nothing moved forward with it.

“It was a lot of money.”

But Annandale North Councillor Carolyne Wilson argued it could effect change.

She said: “All groups get to feed into this place plan.

“They hoped Lockerbie and Lochmaben could work together.

“The meeting was good to get all groups together.”


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