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“People loved Alex” – Family pays tribute

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By Euan Maxwell
Dumfries and West

THE grieving family of Alex Radan have paid tribute to their “little angel.”

They remember their beautiful boy, his big brown eyes, wonderful, infectious smile, and cutest dimples on his cheeks.

Mum Cristina has tearfully recalled how his brown wavy hair framed his face and says it was hard to resist scooping him up for a cuddle at every chance.

“Alex loved people, and people loved Alex” she said. “He was a friendly boy and smiled at everyone.”

Doting dad George said that his son was “full of energy and loved playing outdoors with his older brother.”

He remembers many happy times that the family enjoyed at the skate park watching Alex riding his scooter for hours,.

George added: “Alex loved the skate park. Being there with his family was his happy place.

“He would ride on his scooter for hours and many more if we had let him. Alex thought that riding his scooter, following his brother around the skate park was the best fun he could have.”

Cristina says Alex adored his older brother Darius.

She added: “Alex followed him like a shadow, our boys were such good friends.”

Agreeing with his wife, George described Alex’s cheeky character. He said: “When Darius was busy doing homework, Alex would copy him by sitting at the big table beside him and pretending that he was doing school work too. They were inseparable.”

Alex had started nursery and was counting in two languages. His mum described Alex as a “smart cookie” and described how their home was filled with laughter and fun. “Alex had a sweet singing voice, and some great moves, he loved to dance!” she added.

Desperately missing his little brother, Darius has described Alex as, “his best friend.” He loved having a brother to play outdoors in the park, climb trees and visit the skate park with.

The family added that the tragic events on April 2, 2021 would never bring Alex back to his family but their love for him and the memories they have mean that he will live on forever.


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