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Patrols continue after school vandalism

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By Euan Maxwell
Dumfries and West
Patrols continue after school vandalism

POLICE officers will continue to patrol around a Dumfries primary school after reports of vandalism.

Concerned parents and nearby neighbours have photographed and shared videos online of youths on top of Lincluden Primary School and the mess they’ve caused in the grounds.

Headteacher Andrea McFarlane has been working with Police Scotland to try and address the vandalism at the school.

A council spokesman said: “This is not just a school issue. This is a whole community issue.

“Lincluden Primary is an important part of the local community, so anyone who spots vandalism or inappropriate behaviour at the school should contact the police.”

One parent said: “Every night kids are jumping the fence, wrecking anything the primary and nursery have left out, leaving their own rubbish (drug paraphernalia, vapes and more) strewn across the playground.

“They even smashed glass into the nursery sand pit one night, they have been climbing onto the school roof and trying to break in. These kids are nothing more than animals with their behaviour, without any regard to the upset they cause the children or the work they cause the staff.

“It’s time for everyone to take responsibility and ensure the school remains a safe area for the pupils there, school holidays have started let’s not have a rerun of last year’s vandalism.

“They have torn up the artificial grass with a bbq this was only laid yesterday, smashed up another picnic bench (that’s seven now) tipped bins and emptied flower planters and drawn some artwork across playground that’s not suitable for young eyes.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said they are following a positive line of enquiry, adding: “We received a report on July 4 of vandalism at a school in the Priory Road area of Dumfries, that happened over the weekend.

“Officers are following a positive line of enquiry. Patrols are regularly carried out in and around the area of Lincluden Primary School and this will continue.”


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