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Parking frustrations in Moffat

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By Christie Breen
Parking frustrations in Moffat

CONCERNS are growing over illegal parking and a lack of road markings on Moffat High Street.

Residents raised their concerns again at Tuesday’s meeting of Moffat and District Community Council, but say they feel their pleas are falling on deaf ears as no action has been taken since the issue was first raised in 2017.

Community council secretary Mick Barker shared the concerns of townsfolk, saying: “My issue about the High Street lining is that we have four lanes of traffic going through the centre of town and not a single white line separating any of the four lanes or signage indicating the flow of traffic.

“This has been raised more than once at a council meeting and there’s been no movement on it. We have the issue of people visiting Moffat, not knowing if it’s one-way or not and pedestrians not knowing which way to look.”

One member of the public also voiced their frustrations over the ‘total lack of policing and enforcement’ of parking restrictions in the town centre, stating: “There’s a lot of bad driving and parking going on in Moffat, cars seem to park wherever they want and they get away with it because there is no police presence in the town.

“The council would make an absolute fortune if they had an officer regularly go between Moffat, Lockerbie and Lochmaben issuing tickets and fines.”

Numerous vehicles have been seen parking on double yellow lines and zig zag lines outside the Buccleuch Arms Hotel, outside the old graveyard and on designated crossing spaces.

Community council chair Liam O’Neill added: “It’s very evident that wherever you are in the region illegal parking is a huge problem, but we will be passing on the concerns to officers in Lockerbie.”


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