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Parents call for safer school crossing

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By Rod Edgar
Annan and Eskdale
Parents call for safer school crossing

CALLS are being made for a safer crossing to an Annan primary school.

And although crossing the busy Wood Avenue to reach Elmvale Primary has been a concern for many years, meetings have now taken place to discuss a possible solution.
Incoming chairwoman of Elmvale Primary parent teacher council, Emma Sharkey, said: “It’s been going on for a long, long time.
“The problem is that there’s what’s classed as a ‘flat top table hump’ that goes right across the road, and there’s railings at either side with gaps.
“So people use it as a crossing and it’s not a crossing – it’s ‘a safe place to cross’.”
Emma added: “We’ve been fighting to get something done, because there’s confusion with cars.
“You’re not supposed to stop and let people cross, but some people do.
“And other cars maybe don’t know that they’re stopping to let people cross, and think that they’re dropping children off, and come round about them.
“It’s obviously going to cause an accident.”
Emma says there are problems at particular times.
She said: “Around school time it is very busy, especially on wet days – it’s a nightmare.”
Emma confirms that a meeting has taken place on site with a senior roads official, and discussions with police.
And she says the council official is set to attend an upcoming meeting of the parent council, likely in September after the school holidays.
Meanwhile, proposals have been submitted for changes to road markings in Wood Avenue, next to the school, including work on the zigzag lines.

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