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Owner’s anger after second dog attack

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By Fiona Reid
Dumfries and West
Owner’s anger after second dog attack

A DOG owner in Dumfries has told of his anger after two Alsatians attacked his pet - for the second time this year.

Ian Jamieson, 70, of Dalswinton Avenue was walking his dog in the grassed area just off Alloway Road last Thursday when his Staffordshire bull terrier rescue dog Skye was set upon. Alarmed by the most recent incident, Mr Jamieson said: “It’s the second occasion this has happened.
Recalling the first encounter earlier this year, he said: “I was walking my dog, as I do three or four times a day.
“I got to the edge of the field where I walk my dogs, and I saw the woman with her dogs so I stood still.
“One of them just took off and charged straight at my wee Staffie.”
As the Alsatian attacked, Mr Jamieson was able to use Skye’s lead to deter it until the owner could regain control.
He said: “She came to grab it, but she didn’t have the power to hold these Alsatian dogs.”
And addressing injuries to the dog he brought home from a rescue centre in Inverness nine months ago, he added: “The skin wasn’t broken. She was left with a slight tooth mark on the top of the head.”
However, the incident last Thursday at about 4.50 pm was more serious, and took place as he walked Skye on grass near the home where the Alsatians are kept.
Mr Jamieson said: “I was 100 yards away, and the younger of the two charged and started biting at Skye.
“She’s now got puncture marks, and I had to take her to the vet.”
Police Scotland are investigating the incident, in the same week a 45-year-old man died after being attacked by his pet dog at his Cleator Moor home, and coming the week after 11 children were injured by a dog in a Northumberland playground.
PC Gary Bil at Dumfries said: “We are looking for witnesses to this attack which went on for some time as the owner of the Staffordshire dog was unable to separate all three dogs.
“Anyone who witnessed the incident, or can help identify the owners of the Alsatians is asked to call us in Dumfries on 101.”

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