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Over 2000 join pothole protest group

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By Fiona Reid
Over 2000 join pothole protest group

MORE than 2000 people have joined a new group set up to discuss all things pothole.

As of yesterday, the D&G Potholes page on Facebook had 2166 members but it’s growing by the day.

The members are posting a steady stream of photos of problem areas and their most cited concerns are about safety.

Discussions have taken place about campaigns and petitions, with some suggesting it’s time to withhold council tax to emphasise the seriousness of the situation.

Others are keen on a freedom of information request to compare the cost of rolling out the new 20 mph schemes in towns and villages locally, compared with the amount spent on road repairs regionwide in the last year.

A tranche of extra money was released last week to allow the local authority to carry out more repairs across Dumfries and Galloway.

And while some residents say they have seen increased activity and some craters getting fixed, others are still unhappy at the state of the roads.

Responding, Cllr Ian Blake this week posted his own plea on social media, saying: “The majority of the temporary repairs being carried out since the new financial year are a precursor to the resurfacing that will follow shortly.

“Other repairs are now being done on a permanent basis.

“Prior to this, we did not have the budget but now in April, the extra £5m kicks in, together with an extra 50 per cent in roads operatives.

“Give the roads staff a chance, the state of our roads if a result of many years of underinvestment.

“As we all do, the staff want permanent first time repairs.”

His message was shared by leader and Annandale North Cllr Gail Macgregor.


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