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Outrage at windfarm’s ‘mega turbines’ plan

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By Fiona Reid
Outrage at windfarm’s ‘mega turbines’ plan

A WINDFARM project near Lockerbie hoping to increase the size of their turbines have lost the support of Lockerbie Community Council.

The Crossdykes Windfarm scheme was given the green light by Dumfries and Galloway councillors in May 2016.

And previously the scheme had attracted 51 letters of support, including from the Lockerbie group, and just 13 formal objections.

But now Muirhall Energy, the company behind the 15 turbine project, are seeking to increase the size of their turbines from 130m to 149.9m.

And Lockerbie Community Council are not happy. Speaking this week, member David Barron said: “This isasignificant size difference, we are dealing with mega turbines here and it’s not just 20m in height they are increasing by, the width is increasing too.”

Concerned about ‘transport hell’ for locals who live nearby, Mr Barron called on his fellow community councillors to object to the increase.

Members agreed to oppose the new size proposal, but were warned by Annandale North councillors that their chance to object may have passed.

In 2016 Muirhall Energy pledged £1.5 million in community funds to be split between the Lockerbie Swimming Pool Trust and the Lockerbie Old School Community Hub.

Each group would receive £750k over 25-years, £30k a year – however, the funds would not be paid out until the project is on fully operational and ‘on grid’.

And last month a spokesman from the energy company confirmed that the project was running behind schedule.

He said: “You may know that onshore wind has had its subsidy removed from the UK government and as a result of this we are taking longer than was anticipated to structure finance for the project.

“We are, however, confident that the development will be built, and hope to have a much clearer picture by the end of this year.”


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