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Ode to Ukraine

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By Fiona Reid
Dumfries and West
Ode to Ukraine

A TIMELY poem on the Ukraine situation has been written by a Dumfries man.

Peter Angelini, BEM, The People’s Poet, was inspired to write ‘Sadness For Ukraine’ after seeing events in the war torn country.

It goes:

2022 is a very sad year.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is very clear,

To a country with nice and proud people,

We have here, so much destruction,

Loss of life, anger and pain,

And sadly we all grieve for that,

It is a shame.

And united we will help,

And for peace, pray for them,

And hope that Russia soon realises,

There is so much loss of life,

Cruel- on both sides.

And will understand there is no victory in war,

Nobody ever won.


24th May

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