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Oats tin finds new home at museum

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By Fiona Reid
Oats tin finds new home at museum

ANNAN Museum was pleased to receive a new donation recently for their displays.

The item in question is a tin for the storage of Provost Oats coupons and it was kindly donated by John Thomson.

In the 19th century, Robert Robinson and Sons were Corn Millers at North Street Mill, Welldale Mill, Waterfoot Road and Port Street in Annan.

They produced Provost Oats and employed over 200 women and 50 men. William John Robinson was a partner in the firm and he came up with a way of selling more oats to children.

He did this by handing out coupons with each package. For 30 coupons he gave prizes of toys or household utensils, such as tin or pewter plates or spoons, to help eat the breakfast porridge. Tin plate steam lorries were very popular. It is like an early example of toys inside cereal boxes.

The time period for holding the collection of coupons or for containing Provost Oats was scarce and this tin is the only known survivor. Annan Museum are delighted to add this object to their collection as an important part of the town’s history.

The oats tin


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