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News hounds assemble

By Fiona Reid
News hounds assemble

HAVE you ever wondered what type of dog you look like? Well wonder no more thanks to Microsoft's new app -

It’s often been a topic of mid-afternoon conversation in our office (inspired by dog themed calenders) so to say I was ecstatic when I discovered this app would be an understatement.

According to What-Dog, here at DnG our office of reporters is well manned by two Pekingnese princesses, a reliable Golden Retriever, a plucky Pointer and a calm Collie.

And at the helm we have a bossy Bluetick Coonhound serving as an editor.

Myself and Abbey Morton, both Herald and Moffat News reporters, are often confused by many readers, thanks to our blonde hair and round faces, so it’s fitting we should both share the same doggy double.

cutmypic (4)

Abbey ‘Pekingese’ Morton

Chief Reporter Rod is our old (but not that old) reliable and is well suited to his Golden Retriever name.

Our newest news hound Lewis Irons (who no doubt regrets his picture pose) resembled a Pointer. Pointer’s are supposed to ‘fit in well with family life generally’ which fits as Lewis has blended in well with his new ‘news family’.


Lewis ‘Pointer’ Irons 

News editor Fiona, though we previously always said reminded us more of a Spaniel, suits being a Collie too.

Bryan Armstrong, the esteemed editor, is a rare dog breed a Bluetick Coonhound. The Bluetick with it’s blueish tinge suits Bryan perfectly as he’s rarely seen without his trademark blue shirt.

cutmypic (3)

Bryan ‘Bluetick’ Armstrong

And reporter Lisa Barbour, currently on her maternity, hasn’t been forgotten and is in fact a Poodle!

cutmypic (2)

Lisa ‘Poodle’ Barbour

So, what are you?

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