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New walking map needs helpers

Ramblers Scotland have created the most detailed map in history, but they need your help to complete it

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By Ben Murray
Dumfries and West
New walking map needs helpers

WALKERS in Dumfries and Galloway are being called to mark any hidden paths and walkways for the creation of a new map.

Ramblers Scotland has recently released the most detailed map of the nation’s paths ever made, but is asking for people locally to now chip in and help.

And they are running a drive to recruit volunteers in a few selected lesser-mapped areas, which include Dumfries and Galloway.

Heath Brown, community engagement officer at Ramblers Scotland, said: “Our Scottish Paths Map includes tens of thousands of miles of paths – from traffic-free city routes to relaxing loch-side trails. Many are ‘hidden’ trails not previously been shown by Ordnance Survey.

VIVID DETAIL. . . Ramblers Scotland have created the most details main history

“While it’s the best-ever map of Scotland’s paths, we need communities to check their paths, to work to improve local routes so everyone in the local community has somewhere to walk. That includes here in Dumfries and Galloway where our coverage can definitely be improved so that more people can enjoy walks from their doorsteps.

“It’s easy and fun to record trails using our simple app. Every time a volunteer audits or adds a path to the map, it makes it easier for people living in or visiting Dumfries and Galloway to get healthy and active on foot.”

Mr Brown added: “Scotland has amazing countryside and world-class access rights, yet sadly many paths do not appear on printed maps.

“Better mapping of the paths in Dumfries and Galloway can help give more people here the confidence and knowledge to get outdoors.

“I’d urge all keen walkers in the area to consider volunteering. Whether you just check one trail, or add dozens of hidden paths, you’ll be leaving a lasting legacy that supports walking in Dumfries and Galloway.”

You can view the map and volunteer at


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