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New play is family friendly

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By Amy Duffy
New play is family friendly
MOFFAT’S Old Well Theatre are putting on their version of the highly successful play ‘The Odd Couple’ by Neil Simon.
It is the first big production at the theatre in two years, produced by Graham Black, and is a comedy about two friends who are total opposites yet end up living together.
Originally there was supposed to be both a male and female version but due to a family tragedy, the female version has had to be cancelled.
Graham said: “We wanted something funny that would have people leaving with a smile on their faces – after the tough couple of years we’ve all had, I think that’s the most important thing to us.
“The cast regularly find it difficult to keep a straight face during rehearsals so I would say that’s a good sign.”
A great amount of work has been put in behind the scenes, especially from the set builders who have done a marvellous job at creating a detailed set that really transports the audience.
Graham added: “It is an amateur production but I feel like we’ve all done the work to make it seem like a professional one.
“The amount of work that’s gone on behind the curtain is immense and I hope they get their fair share of applause.
“The play is family friendly, even though kids might not understand all of the jokes it’s still suitable.
“We want to give people the chance to take their whole household out for a night of laughter.”
The Odd Couple will show on April 7, 8 and 9 at the Old Well Theatre in Moffat.
Tickets can be purchased from Cara Gael Gift Shop on the High Street.


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