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New cemetery site in focus

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By Newsdesk
New cemetery site in focus

A NEW cemetery for Dumfries is set to get the go ahead next week - despite 37 objections.

Officials are recommending that councillors approve the proposal for the site on the A780 Castle Douglas Road. They have carried out ground investigations, geotechnical and hydrogeological studies and ground water plans and believe it is the best place for the development.

However, objectors have highlighted concerns about road safety, accessibility, traffic generation, landscape and visual impact, flooding and impact on wildlife, among other issues.

The site is currently two adjoining areas of agricultural land on the edge of Dumfries, near Dumfries and Galloway Golf Club, measuring 3.34 hectares in total. It would be redeveloped in two phases, with the aim of opening in late 2022.

A report for councillors states: “While there are currently sufficient lairs available in the four existing Dumfries cemeteries for a further 15 years approximately, if the requirement remains reasonably constant, it would be the intention to bring the cemetery into use in late 2022 and operate it alongside the existing cemeteries, with lair numbers increasing over time. If the uptake of new lairs is shared between the existing and proposed cemeteries, around 22 lairs would be required per year in the proposed cemetery. Based on burial projections, it would be approximately 30 years before the full requirement of 44 new lairs per year (approximately) would occur at the proposed cemetery. It is anticipated that there would be a burial every 1–2 weeks on average.”

And it concludes: “The proposed use would be compatible with the semi-rural character and amenity of the area and would not have an adverse impact on the residential amenity of the occupants of the few adjoining dwellings.” If approved, conditions will be imposed around landscaping, roads layout, access and parking.