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Nature reserve cracks down on vandals

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By Donald Turvill
Nature reserve cracks down on vandals

TRUSTEES of Moffat Community Nature Reserve have begun putting measures in place to mitigate vandalism at the local beauty spot.

It has been subject to a spate of attacks in recent months, with the most recent incident leaving one of the reserve’s bird hides wrecked.

And in order to keep a close eye on the former quarry, the organisation it is run and maintained by have set up a “network of people” to monitor the area.

However, chair of the nature reserve, Eryl Gasper Dick, stressed in a statement released online that those involved will not be “intentionally patrolling”.

Furthermore, she urged anyone visiting or passing through who sees anything “dodgy” to get in touch.

She added: “To that end I’ve set up a What’s App group. If you’d like to join us in trying to keep the place safe and lovely for everyone, and are happy to share your phone number with us, send me a private message and I’ll add you to the group.”

Meanwhile, there has been a happy ending for the devastated snipe hide, which was about to be fixed-up using £1505 crowdfunded by the community.

Holes torn in the hut by vandals last month have allowed a pair of swallows to fly-in and begin nesting.

The chirpy duo were recently spotted “flying in with nest material” by reserve trustee, Garry.

The birds’ eggs are expected to hatch later this summer, which means repairs have been put on hold for now.

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