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Mysterious grass markings recalled

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By Fiona Reid
Mysterious grass markings recalled

STRANGE markings appeared in the grass near Moffat in June 1980.

And they made the front page of the Moffat News and Annandale Herald at the time, declared as a UFO mystery.

They were found by Bob and Jean Herdsman on the estate of Dumcrieff. He told the paper: “The outer circle is about 15 feet in dimeter and the inner one about four feet.

“This has certainly puzzled me and I simply can’t offer any explanation for the rings.”

They were also spotted by Mark Vander Poel, who lived on the estate. He took photos, above, and said there were no tracks leading to or away from them, adding: “The grass is obviously burned right round the two circles and there are indentations on the ground which would seem to indicate that some heavy object landed there.

“It is certainly a strange occurrence.”

Meanwhile, at about the same time, a Moffat resident also reported seeing a series of flashing, silvery lights above Galloway Hall and a mysterious craft in the sky.

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